Rinse the Hate


Listerine Rinse the Hate is an on-going social media campaign where mouth illustrations are crafted to remind people to rinse away the hateful words they’ve said during topical issues. The campaign began during the Philippine elections, and continued to other trending social topics such as International Women’s Day, the immigration ban, Pride Month, and even World Oceans Day.

So bit by bit, maybe there can be less hate in the world, and everyone can have a clean start with Listerine.

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Awards & Recognitions:

Lürzer's Archive - Featured in 200 Best Illustrators

Kidlat Awards 2017 - Silver in Design, Bronze in Typography, Bronze in Illustration

Adobo Design Awards - Mobile App Design for Good, Bronzze in Illustration

Spikes Asia 2017 - Shortlisted in Design/Illustration

Adstars 2017 - Shortlisted in Mobile (Campaign), Mobile (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Phone, and Chinese New Year)

Boomerang Awards 2017 - Shortlisted in Digital Craft (Rinse the Hate)

Team Members: Dave Ferrer, Brandie Tan, Lorenzo Cruz, Albert Millar, Chelsea Ortega, Alyssa Babasa, Michelle Guerrero, Meggie Manago, Joann Burton, Val Medina

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